Live Bands & Events @ Cowboy Up

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Zondag/sunday 12 januari/january 2020: Bamboozle (UK) @ 15u30/3.30pm (50’s/Rockabilly)

*Known for their world class musicianship and high energy performances, Bamboozle seamlessly combine the vibe of the swinging 1950’s with the sounds of today, in a way that mesmerises both retro loving and modern audiences. The band combines internationally renowned singer/guitarist/songwriter Jim Knowler (The Keytones, Gotz Alsmann), injecting his exciting and instantly recognisable guitar riffs, with new face on the scene, singer/bassist/songwriter Serena Sykes, lighting up the stage with her dynamic performances, electric vocal and daring double bass stunts, backed by the slick, thrumming grooves of drummer/vocalist Les Curtis (Imelda May, Darrell Higham, Wanda Jackson).


 Vrijdag/friday 17 januari/january 2020: Philip Bradatsch (DE) @ 21u30/9.30pm (Singer-Songwriter/Rooys Music)

With an undeviating sense of the suspense which comes out of raw, plain songs with symbolic language Philip Bradatsch sings about life how it is: Dreadful, pretty, sad, enchanting. Quiet moments can become loud at times just as minor thoughts can become monsters. The voice of the singer of The Dinosaur Truckers takes the listener away, diving deep into the melancholy of Folk Music and back into the here and now. Dark, vulnerable, angry – and tender.



 Zondag/Sunday 26 januari/January 2020: Jayke Orvis & The Bullsh*t Brothers (USA) @ 15u30/3.30pm (Bluegrass/Roots Music)

Jayke Orvis is bringing some friends with him to Cowboy Up for a full band set up. Its not a Broken band show but it sure will be a very special show. Don’t miss it!!




 Zondag/sunday 2 februari/february 2020: Gipsy Rufina (IT) @ 15u30/3.30pm (Singer-Songwriter/Roots Music)

Fifteen years Gipsy Rufina rolled and rambled around playing thousands of shows across Europe, Estern countries and South America, daring sometimes places where few others did.
Hoboing in a pure outlaw troubadur spirit he constantly toured from 2005, picking the lines of his narrative, coming from his life, obscure sometimes, simple others but still deep, soaked with grace and far from a cheesy songwriting.



 Zondag/sunday 16 februari/February 2020: Ray Vietti (USA) @ 15u30/3.30pm (Country/Singer-Songwriter/Folk)

Caverns is the moniker used by singer-songwriter and founding member of The Harmed Brothers (Portland,OR), Ray Vietti.
Vietti began writing and recording music around 2004. In 2009 he formed The Harmed Brothers with fellow songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Alex Salcido. The two have since released 5 studio albums with a 6th on the way in 2020 and toured across the states and Europe along the way. He now sets out on his first solo appearances in Europe. Performing both released and unreleased tracks from The Harmed Brothers catalogue and more.


Zaterdag/saturday 28 maart/march 2020: The Old Ditch Riverhoppers (NL)  @ 21u30/9.30pm (Bluegrass)

* After four years they are returning to Cowboy Up with new vibes, tunes and musicians.

Pure bluegrass and style. All welcome and lets have a ball!




Zaterdag/saturday 11 april 2020: Jerry Leger and the Situation (CAN) @ 21u30/9.30pm (Fold/Rock/Roots) 

*Jerry Leger has a thing for ghosts. The Toronto singer/songwriter confirmed it a couple of years ago when he went on a personal journey to explore many of Ontario’s largely unknown ghost towns, having been inspired by the writings of historian Ron Brown. Leger has immortalized one of those towns, Burchell Lake, on his new album Time Out For Tomorrow, containing 10 portraits of the impermanence of life, love, or simply catching a glimpse of a shooting star. Yet, other ghosts reside much deeper in Leger’s songs. Whether they’re the voices of Roy Orbison, Lou Reed, Gene Clark, Rick Danko or Ronnie Lane, they naturally complement the universal truths at the core of Jerry Leger’s music, along with his undying faith in rock ‘n roll as a way for all people to find common ground.


 Donderdag/thursday 21 mei 2020: Truffle Valley Boys quartet (IT) @ 15u30/3.30pm (Bluegrass)

Pure Bluegrass and feeling home at Cowboy Up band is coming back!

Active since 2014, Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys, led by roots music veterans Ruben Minuto and Matt Ringressi, have placed themselves at the foreground of the Blue Grass music scene in Europe, playing and singing in the most authentic way, with period instrumentation and around a single microphone, and with a healthy dose of good-natured entertainment! Thousands of miles traveled each year headlining the major festivals in Europe, the Boys’ show is a real throwback to an era gone by, and their records have received worldwide airplay and unanimous, enthusiastic reviews on publications like Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Today…they are even featured in an exibith at the Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame And Museum!

 Zaterdag/saturday 13 juni 2020: CATL. (CAN) @ 21u30/9.30pm (RocknRoll/R&B)

Known from MRE 2019 and returning to Cowboy Up!

After a winter-long hiatus, the rockin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues group known as catl. are re-emerging with a newly configured line-up. Real-life couple Jamie Fleming (catl) and Sarah Kirkpatrick have decided to continue their musical journey as a duo with Kirkpatrick playing drums. The result is a sexy, raw, primordial rock and roll experience. All stripped down but just as energetic and fun. You can expect exciting re-workings of your favourite catl. songs as well as some brand new jams. The duo has spent the winter writing a new record that they intend to record in the fall of 2013. Get ready kids, this is gonna be nutty!



Folks… happy to announce our Burlesque Candle Light Dinner is back. In September 2018 we had Californian Calendar Girls with a great sold out show. (Limited spots, full = full) and a fantastic lesson evening, day after on Monday.

This time the production and planning is in Starlet O Hara hands (CCG).
Bringing some Californian Calendar Girls and new faces from USA with the new American Dream Girls Tour.

Day after the show on Monday September 28th 2020 they will be teaching to all the girls that are at the dinner for free.
More info on this or the dinner, send email to

This will sell put your reservation on time.
More info soon!!