Muddy Roots Europe INFO

Muddy Roots Europe Reloaded

August 20th and 21st

@ Cowboy Up Waardamme, Belgium!



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Covid safe traveling to MRE Reloaded links below

Fill in Passenger Locater Form max 48h before arriving in Belgium on link below

Check the safety travels for entering belgium here at link below


August 11th 2021


#mre21reloaded IMPORTANT UPDATE to enter the fest and camp grounds with pasport and:
Been fully vaccinated for the last 2 weeks?
Install Covidsafe app or the EU Digital Covid Certificate on your smartphone and bring this to the entry gate.
Will be scanned at the entry gate.
Don’t have a smartphone? Printed version will work too.
Not or not fully vaccinated for two weeks?
Will need a PCR test result not older then 48h.
Kids not older then 12 year old don’t need a ticket or covid safe test.
Campground will be open on Thursday August 19th.
Own drinks and food will be allowed on campground only!
Breakfast, BBQ, Fries shop,.. will be at regular spot in front of the Cowboy Up (terrace).
Stage will be at the play garden in front of Cowboy Up.
To make plans on when to arrive or bands start to play
On Friday August 20th bands start playing at 5pm.
More news and info will follow like the time schedule and one more band announcement…
Have questions please send to
August 8th 2021


Best way to enter or come to Cowboy Up Waardamme is with public transport.

From UK : take fast train too Lille Flandres true Eurotunnel. Then Intercity train to Brugge. At trainstation in Brugge (Bruges) you can take bus Line 21 towards Tielt. Stops 200m past MRE. (Stop is called Waardamme-Lariksdreef)

From USA or Canada : take plane to Brussels Airport. Then take InterCity train to Brugge. At trainstation in Brugge (Bruges) you can take bus Line 21 towards Tielt. Stops 200m past MRE. (Stop is called Waardamme-Lariksdreef)

: Take plane to Charleroi Airport. Then take intercity train to Brugge. At trainstation in Brugge (Bruges) you can take bus line 21 towards Tielt. Stops 200m past MRE. (Stop is called Waardamme-Lariksdreef)

From Europe: Is best with train to Brugge (Bruges) or with car to trainstation in Brugge. Large parkinglot for youre car. Take bus line 21 towards Tielt. Stops 200m past MRE. (Stop is called Waardamme-Lariksdreef)

Booking trainticket or see scedule is possible here

For more info and helpdesk, click here !!!

Tickets includes hot showers and camping !!!!



Comment from Benjamin BOUVIER
Time januari 23, 2012 at 11:47 am

Will try tomanage sharing a hut with other folks coming to MRE via FaceBook Page.
Do you think it would be possible for some of us to sleep during the 8 to 9th night, because of travel length?
Thank you.

Comment from cowboyup
Time februari 15, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Soon there will be possibility to reservate a Festihut online. Keep checking this website. 😉

Comment from Co-Rockataire Cursed’Haze Leatherman
Time april 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Hello there.
I’m preparing my own coming and arrival for these great WE. I’m French and I’m coming from southeast (Lyon).
And in fact I’m looking for a way to reach Waardamme from Brussel airport, Paris airport or train station, or maybe Lyon if some of you come from Italia.

So if any of you mates have a place in a car via any of these different city?
Of course I’ll be participating at the expenses (Gasoline & Toll, and why not else).
If that’s the case please leave me a message with the day and hour you think you’ll be at the meeting city so that I can match with airplane avaliability.
Anyway, I’ll reach one of these points the June 8th (friday), according to eventual answers, and be ready to go back on Monday.

Thank you in advance to all of you who can help or share the request !!!

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Comment from Jeroen
Time juni 6, 2012 at 1:07 pm


Unfortunately 1 of our friends will not be able to come to MRE, therefore we have a spare ticket. If somebody would like to take it off our hands, please call me at +31-6-40326970 (netherlands).

Thanks a bunch!

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Comment from Bella
Time mei 23, 2013 at 11:10 am

Hi, me and my friends are going to arrive thursday the 13th from sweden and we’re wondering if we can put up our tent that day or do we have to get a hotel for the night and wait until friday when the festival starts?